Titan Cloud Storage with AWS S3 Compatibility

Titan Cloud Storage with AWS S3 Compatibility

Titan Cloud is proudly based on open-source technologies. For the S3 compatible API service we rely on Minio and it’s related functionality. For more information https://min.io.

Titan Cloud’s API service is based on S3 version “2006-03-01”. As ACS is bit compatible with AWS S3, the vast majority of documentation and examples can be used to supplement this documentation. For specifics of the compatible version of S3 documentation, please see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/s3-api.pdf.

There are some differences in some functionality between Titan Cloud Storage ACS and AWS S3 by necessity.

As an example:  Titan Cloud Storage does not have traditional regions such as East1, West1, etc. Titan maintains regions within a Geographical Unit, such as United States or Europe, and will perform best efforts via its technology platform to route traffic to the nearest region within that unit based on access patterns. The ACS service is MULTI REGION BY DEFAULT. This means that should one region go down, your traffic should be routed at the DNS level to the next best region within the Main region that was selected. Due to local DNS caches, it’s possible you may need to flush your DNS cache for this functionality to work.

As of 6-1-2022 the main units available for purchase include USA. Titan Cloud Storage will not copy data outside of the Geographical Unit as described in the sales contract. This is to make it easy to manage data compliance with respect to an end customers compliance needs.

 Production System Endpoints:

      Similarly, to the unique console URL, you will receive your own API endpoint in your welcome e-mail. An example of the endpoint: https://example.s3.titancloudstorage.com .