Help your clients overcome evolving market challenges and increased technology requirements by implementing this feature-rich storage solution.

Data Safety and Durability
Your clients rely on their business data, and losing it would be detrimental to their operations. Titan’s infrastructure ensures their data is safeguarded from corruption and remains intact by employing advanced technologies to minimize the risk of loss or degradation. With 11 nines of durability, one billion objects would likely go one hundred years without losing a single one! Therefore, you can trust that your clients' valuable data is safe with Titan. Optional geo-redundancy offers an additional level of protection in the event of a disaster within a region.
Ease of Use
Our user-friendly interface means your clients can get started today and scale as their business grows. Our platform seamlessly integrates with any S3-compatible software, including popular tools like Veeam and the AWS SDKs. While complex providers like AWS may require specialized expertise to navigate complex features, our intuitive UI lets your clients' existing team implement secure, ransomware-resistant cloud storage with the click of a button, streamlining their operations and maximizing productivity.
Human Support
We’ll be there with real humans when your clients need us. Whether they prefer to pick up the phone, send an email, or open a ticket on our website, we’ve always got their back. Our U.S.-based team is here to address their concerns promptly and efficiently, offering answers, guidance, resources, documents, and more. Get the support your clients need, when they need it.
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