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Forecasting Made Easy

See how Titan's Advanced Cloud Storage compares to the competition by utilizing the sliders below. And remember, Titan's Reserved Capacity option comes with a substantial discount.

This tool provides an estimate on a month-to-month basis. Your actual monthly bill may vary based on several factors such as egress* usage and optional features selected.

Titan Price Estimator

$275.00 / month
$3,300.00 / year
( 500 TB @ 0.5¢ per GB )

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Select total terabytes of storage ( 1 TB = 1,024 GB )

1 250 500 750 1PB+
Percent Downloaded Each Month:

0% 300%*

Titan Savings

Save up to 80% or $1,000,000 / year with Titan!

2Pricing based on AWS S3 Standard as of 4-18-23. Intelligent tiering, ingress, and use of cold storage pricing comparison will differ.

3Pricing based on Azure Standard (GPv2) hot storage Hierarchical Namspace LRS redundancy West US2 region, excluding ingress fees, as of 4-18-2023.

4Pricing based on Google GCP Standard object storage using Dallas region single region redundancy, exlcuding ingress fees, as of 4-18-2023.

*After 300% egress during a billing cycle, a 1.5 cents per GB egress charge applies.

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