Q1: What is S3 compatible storage?

A1: S3 stands for Simple Storage Service and was created by Amazon for their AWS platform. It has become the largest cloud storage service on the planet. It create a set of methods and api calls for managing permissions, organizing data, and manipulating or reading that data.

Q2: What is Egress/Ingress/API calls and how is Titan different?

A2: Egress is when someone reads or downloads data FROM Titan Cloud Storage. Ingress is when you are uploading or updating information. Titan provides unlimited ingress and unlimited egress. However, as Titan is not a sharing platform, if egress exceeds three times the amount of maximum storage stored during the billing period, a 1 cent per GB will be applied to the current billing period. Egress resets each month. API calls are anytime you interact with your data via the S3 API. We provide unlimited API calls unlike some of our competitors.

Q3: What are some of the security features you offer that some of your competitors do not?

A3: Some of the many features we have added include: root locked immutable storage (compliance), brute force protection, public bucket scan protection, rate limiting, and many others. These are in place to protect your data as well as your billing.

Q4: Is my data safe? Is it encrypted?

A4: Titan Cloud employs a multitude of measure to make sure your data is safe, resilient, and secured. We have multiple measures in place at all levels to ensure your data isn't lost; data is stored on different nodes and in different regions/data centers. Should a Region go down due to a natural disaster, we also route traffic to the regions that are up. This is provided by default unlike some of our competitors. We also encrypt data in transit and all hard disks storing your data are encrypted making it physically safe as well. Additional encryptions are offered as well so that only you can decrypt your data. See more in our Advanced Usage Guide in the Resources section.

Q5: Does everything work exactly like AWS S3 does?

A5: Titan Cloud storage provides an S3 bit compatible API. However, due to certain differences in AWS ecosystem we can't ensure 100% of libraries and applications will work. If your software offers generic or S3 compatible option, chances are high. We will perform best efforts to test and validate applications and work with you to overcome and issues, but in many cases it should simply work. An example of an application that may not be compatible would be one where you can not change the URL/Region/ARN. These applications are hardcoded to only accept Amazon. If you encounter this issue let us know in our support system and we will make best efforts to reach out to the application developer to ensure compatibility.

Q6: I'm in Russia/China/etc and have issues accessing your service.

A6: Titan Cloud Storage is required to comply with all US technology export laws. In addition, we monitor and block most IP ranges from countries deemed high risk. These include Venezuela, China, Russia, Cuba, and North Korea. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q7: How do I change my Root account user/password?

A7: Due to the sensitive nature of the root account, Titan Cloud Storage has implemented manual change request processing of the Root Account. A multi step validation process will occur to validate the change request is valid. Your security is important to us, and warrants more than a CAPTCHA level of security. Please request a root account reset/change via the support section of our website. Non-root accounts can be managed in the console or via the API with users or service accounts that have the necessary permissions.