Protect business critical data & reduce cyber threat exposure with Titan

Titan solves any data storage use case - whether daily-use accessible file storage, backups, long-term archiving, or a disaster recovery plan key component.

We’ve created the IT leader’s perfect menu of solutions to nail a comprehensive data storage strategy without specialized hires or huge budgets. From disaster recovery to archiving, we have intuitive, efficient, and reliable ways to protect and manage your valuable data.

Disaster Recovery
When disaster strikes, having a robust disaster recovery plan is crucial. Titan offers comprehensive solutions to ensure your business can quickly recover and resume operations, even should your cloud storage credentials get compromised. Our off-site backups and archives, combined with ransomware resistance, enable us to restore your files to their former state. With seamless integration with services like Veeam and S3 compatibility, our service guarantees a swift recovery, all while reducing costs by over 80% as compared to AWS hot storage.
We understand the complexity when it comes to storing files for extended periods driven by industry, state, and national laws & regulations. Titan makes archiving hassle-free and accessible. Our hot storage solution allows you to access your data within seconds, eliminating the delays associated with cold storage. Enjoy competitive prices while meeting compliance requirements and maintaining easy access to your archived data. Titan simplifies the archiving process, making it as convenient as it is secure.
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