Bucket Creation & Configuration

Buckets are the main way to organize and manage your object data and collectively manage permissions and access. Below are the steps to create a bucket as well as a description of some of the settings you have available to you through Titan Cloud Storage.

  1. Click "Buckets" on the left side menu

2. Click on Create Bucket +

3. Create Bucket

a. Enter Bucket name - all lowercase

b. Select Features:

  • Versioning - allows you to keep multiple versions of the same object under the same key.
  • Object Locking - prevents objects from being deleted. Required to support retention and legal hold. Can only be enabled at bucket creation.
  • Quota - Limits the amount of data in the bucket.
  • Retention - imposes rules to prevent object deletion for a period of time.

c. Toggle Retention ON

d. Choose between Compliance or Governance

  • Compliance: No users can override the retention period set for the bucket or delete any object within the bucket. This also includes the root account, which has the highest privileges. Essentially, any object added to a bucket configured for Compliance Mode means that the object will remain for the duration of the retention period.
  • Governance: Specific users may be granted authority to override the retention period.

e. Enter the number and select Days or Years

f. Click Create Bucket button