MSP Storage Configuration

  1. Log into your MSP360 console
  2. Click “Storage” and then “Storage Accounts” in the top left.
  1. Click “Add Account” in the top right. Note, there is a Green “Add” button close to it, but that’s the wrong button. A pop-up configuration wizard will come up.
  1. Click “S3 Compatible”.
  1. The next screen is “Specify Credentials”. We highly recommend you create a service account that has limited permissions only to the bucket you are going to use. Titan Cloud Storage does not support unencrypted HTTP, so you only need to fill out the HTTPS endpoint with your personal URL. This will be the URL with the “” suffix. You do not need to put the https:// prefix.
  1. In the next screen, you can either let it create it’s own bucket, or click “Show advanced settings” and choose a bucket you have created. Again, we recommend the permissions of the account used to access and manage the backups have limited permissions only to this bucket.
  1. On the next screen, assign this storage to a company as you see fit.
  1. Click Finish. The storage you just set up will now be selectable when configuring backup jobs.