Titan Cloud Storage Partners with Global Telecom Solutions Partners to Expand Business Solutions

Wed, May 15, 2024

DALLAS, TX | May 15, 2024  - Titan Cloud Storage and Global Telecom Solutions (GTS) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership aimed at enhancing business efficiency. Leveraging their expertise in telecommunications, technology, and cloud storage platforms, the two companies will collaborate to deliver customizable technology solutions to customers worldwide.

“Partnering with GTS aligns with our vision to provide exceptional value and affordable cloud storage solutions to businesses globally," expressed Rory Sullivan, CEO of Titan Cloud Storage, highlighting the excitement surrounding the partnership.

Mark Stackpoole, CEO of Global Telecom Solutions, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the strategic benefits of the collaboration, "Partnering with Titan Cloud Storage allows us to leverage their expertise in cloud storage, providing our clients with a budget-friendly option."

Key Highlights of the Partnership
- Enhanced Cloud Solutions: Through the partnership, clients will benefit from a customizable, cost-effective, and scalable option for cloud storage, tailored to meet their evolving business needs.

- Global Connectivity: The joint efforts will empower businesses with seamless technology & telecom experiences, the ability to access their data anytime, anywhere across the globe.

- Client-Centric Approach: The partnership focuses on delivering value to clients, ensuring they receive best-in-class service to support their business growth, at every stage.

About Titan Cloud Storage:
Titan Cloud Storage is a leading provider in the cloud storage market, offering innovative solutions that empower organizations to securely store and manage their data. With a commitment to simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, Titan Cloud Storage is at the forefront of driving industry growth through an indirect sales model and channel-only focus.

About Global Telecom Solutions (GTS):
As a certified distributor to nearly every major technology service offering, Global Telecom Solutions (GTS) is a technology solutions distributor that specializes in connectivity, cloud, and cyber security solutions. With more than 5, 000 existing clients and over $6 million in combined customer savings, GTS and its extensive network of sales strategists make it easier for business customers by providing a complete array of technology solutions targeted to meet their specific needs. For more information, visit
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