Titan Cloud Storage Launches LA Data Center

Wed, February 9, 2023

Titan Cloud Storage is proud to announce the launch of Dallas’ sister data center in Los Angeles, California. The second data center provides a geo diverse location that ensures our customers receive optimal performance from our systems regardless of where in the US they are located and all customers will see minimal impact to service in the event of a major incident at one of the locations.

“Titan Cloud Storage’s Dallas and Los Angeles data centers will operate in an active/active high availability configuration. If a disaster was to impact either of the data centers, all services would be routed to the unaffected location which would result in minimal to no interruption in Titan Cloud Storage’s systems and services for our customers,” states CEO Rory Sullivan.

Titan Cloud Storage utilizes tier 1 data centers and has implemented multiple ISP connectivity on separate loops for redundancy. Backup diesel generators are onsite at both data centers and diesel supply contracts are held with multiple suppliers to ensure fuel availability. Other features include redundant electric power lines on separate power grids, redundant backup battery banks for short term power supply, and halogen fire suppression system with localized water fire suppression as backup should the halogen fail.
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