Shield your budget from unexpected fees.

Flex Monthly

Data storage month-to-month, for as low as 0.55¢ GB/month
No Commitments. No hassles.
Standard Support Included.
Try 30 Days Risk-Free

Flex Capacity Term

Greater discounts on longer term contracts
Purchase in 1, 2, or 3-year increments.
Standard Support Included.
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Reserved Capacity

Even greater discounts to reserve the space you need
Lots of data? Enjoy added discounts?
Titanium Support Included
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Pricing Simplicity & Feature Rich

Titan Cloud Storage has no separate ingest, API requests, transactions, or bandwidth fees. Plus additional features such as ransomware resistance, bad-actor blocking, botnet tracking, multi-region redundancy, and more all included in the list price. 

You get more bang for your buck, so your budget, team, and CFO are happy.

Forecasting costs has never been easier.

Estimate your Flex Monthly & Flex Capacity Term monthly price below. And remember - opting for Reserve Capacity comes with a substantial discount.
Flex Product Pricing Estimate:
$925.00 / month
( 50 TB @ 1.85¢ per GB )
Select total terabytes of storage ( 1 TB = 1,000 GB )

1 25 50 75 100+
Select contract term length (months):

1 12 24 36
What’s Included:

  • 30 Days Risk-Free
  • 100% Hot Storage: no waiting for data
  • Multi-Region Redundancy
  • Ransomware Resistance / Object Lock
  • Botnet Tracking
  • Bad Actor Blocking
  • DDoS Protection
  • Easy to Use Compliance Features
  • Unlimited API Calls for Free
  • Egress-Fee Free*
  • Human Support Included

*Free Egress up to three times (3x) the maximum data stored during the billing period. Thereafter, egress will be billed at $0.015 per GB.
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